Global MediaTech Pitch Day Winners 2023

Tuesday, 26 September 2023

This is huge news for Setmixer.

When we heard about this incredible opportunity from Raw Ventures to pitch our reality at #MTHCON23 in Berlin alongside other amazing startups we couldn’t say no and the rest is Setmixer history!

Thank you for supporting our company, for sharing our values and believing in our goals.  Our mission is to support and live music and bring back the power to the artists. We believe that music should be accessible, not just for the artists but also for the fans.We are grateful for the venues that choose us everyday. 

Together, we have unveiled unheard gems and brought the passion and energy of live performances to major digital music streaming services over the last year. This collaboration has not only benefited the artists and venues but has also amplified their success by building fan bases. This is why we do it and we are certain we'll keep developing and creating more opportunities in the music industry. Thank you once again to Raw Ventures for this incredible recognition.