Setmixer launches at Paper Dress Vintage

Wednesday, 27 April 2022

And we’re live! The first recorder installed in this well-known independent live venue. Vintage clothes store during the day, and independent venue during the night, Paper Dress Vintage is where many known bands played their first gigs. This includes Arlo Parks, Teleman, Tom Odell, Squid, PublicServiceBroadcasting,Flamingods, MoshiMoshiRecords,FatWhiteFamily, SamFender,MaxPope,SinkYaTeeth, B a s sClef,TransgressiveRecords, TheWavePictures,ParallelLines, LondonI nStereo,JuanitaStein, AldousHarding,AlexisTaylor, VisionsFestival,John, and many more . . .