Sassihiya's awesome bootleg

Thursday, 27 October 2022

A great endorsement from Sassyhiya who turned Setmixer’s recording of their performance at Paperdress Vintage on 3 June 2022 into a cool Bootleg. Sassihiya is Kathy Wright and Helen Skinner of cult London LGBT band Barry.

Though you may be familiar with Helen's bass playing from her work with much missed Veronica Falls musician Patrick Doyle's bands Boys Forever and Basic Plumbing.

The band's first release "gum demos ep" saw the pair stepping out on their own, writing, arranging, playing, recording and mixing everything themselves at home during lockdown, but on this recording they show they are now a full live band.

In this show, Helen and Kathy are joined by Pablo Paganotto (of Punching Swans) on drums and Neiloy Mookherjee on guitar.

"This is genius lo-fi indie pop" – Beats to the bar

“irresistible; a supercool slice of wonky post-punk”,

“a must-listen for fans of The Raincoats, Shop Assistants, Delta 5 and Shopping “,

“a modern, post-punk classic” – Get in her ears We could not agree more.