Setmixer launches at Signature Brew

Monday, 13 May 2024

We're Thrilled to Announce Our Partnership with Signature Brew Haggerston! 🍻🎶

We're over the moon to share the exciting news: Setmixer is teaming up with Signature Brew! 🎉 From now on, we'll be recording at Signature Brew to bring you the ultimate fusion of live music and delicious craft beer.

Allow us to introduce Signature Brew—a brewery that's all about the perfect blend of beer and beats. Situated in Blackhorse Road, London, Signature Brew's brewery doubles as a music venue, where they seamlessly fuse brews with live tunes.

From their Studio Lager and Backstage IPA to their Roadie IPA, each beer pays homage to the music that inspires them. And let us not forget their legendary band collaborations. Since 2011, they've brewed with more artists than any other brewery in the world—Hot Chip, alt-J, Mastodon, IDLES, The Darkness, Sports Team, Enter Shikari, Big Joanie, Mogwai, Ed Gamble and Hospital Records.

So, if you're in the mood for music-infused brews and unforgettable experiences, make sure to swing by Signature Brew Haggerston.

Our recorder is set up and we are ready to capture all the incredible live music that is happening there!

Check out their event calendar here!