Setmixer launches at Sound Lounge Sutton

Sunday, 26 March 2023

Welcome Sound Lounge Sutton to the Setmixer venue roster! The Sound Lounge hit headlines in 2017 when London music fans lent their widespread support to a crowdfunding initiative to turn a derelict space in the heart of Tooting into an inclusive music and arts centre. 

Time Out declared it “good news for London’s live music scene…and hope for London’s music fans.” The venue swiftly became a thriving destination for music lovers and performing artists alike, hosting over 250 acts during the course of the year. We couldn’t be happier to parter with The Sound Lounge to change the game on live music recording in London. 

With Setmixer, artists can easily create professional-quality recordings for promotional purposes, as well as for their own archives.  Sound Lounge Sutton can now offer an exceptional recording service that sets them apart from other venues by providing their artists a never-seen-before service. Welcome to the team Sound Lounge Sutton.